I am always in search of a great hair oil. Something that doesn’t wear the hair down and just kind of helps with flyways and making your hair more glossy looking.  I came across this hair oil  by RODIN.  It has a huge following with the fashion crowd. Karlie Kloss is a fan, so I thought I would give it a try. I really like it. You only need a tiny amount and it lasts you forever. It has been part of my hair routine ever since.

I also love every kind of RMS beauty product there is, as it has zero chemicals and is great for your skin. RMS Beauty products also perform really well, which can’t be said of other all natural and chemical free cosmetic products. The little pot you see in the photo is a lip stain/shine called Sacred. It’s a nice, fresh pink that you can apply as subtle or intense as you like. I just dab a bit on my lips with my finger so it looks more like a natural stain.

Happy Thursday!