Oh RE/DONE…you have me addicted to your vintage bum-flattering amazingness ! If you haven’t read my previous article on RE/DONE , check it out here.

I wrote this post to give you a couple more tips on selecting a pair so you don’t have to order several to find the “one”!


I am usually a size 24 in a regular jeans no matter what brand. In RE/DONEs, though, I am a size 23 in the high-waisted shorts and jeans.

All of the pairs I’ve tried fit like this but one  was a bit snug on my hipbones. So occasionally I guess you can get a size variation due to the handmade factor. In the legs they were fine.


The material is a bit stiff at first but, per their customer service, softens up in time.

These jeans definitely have a different feel than your stretchy jeans that you are used to–they have no give–so it’s important that you select the right size.


The high rise shorts are my favorite. They are cute with everything. I especially like wearing them with crop tops.

The high rise jeans are great too. The pockets are set like the Levi’s 501, if you remember them. So very flattering.

When you order a pair online make sure to pay attention to the placement of the pockets in the back. You want to make sure that the pockets are both  equal distances apart from the center. This will give you a  more symmetrical flattering look.  The higher the pockets sit towards the waist/top the more voluptuous your behind will look.


The images online won’t let you zoom in on the jeans and therefore it’s easy to miss certain elements.

For example two of the jeans I had ordered had stitched up holes on the behind part that weren’t visible in the online image. I didn’t like how it looked or felt. The patched up hole with the thread made that area stiffer and noticeable when you sit down on it.

RE/DONEs customer service has been excellent though in trying to find the right pair for me and helping me handle the returns of the jeans that didn’t work out.

Happy shopping!

Xx Sarah