If you are looking for the perfect fitting lived-in feeling jeans or jeans shorts that are vintage and one-of-a-kind you will love RE/DONEs.

Co-founded by Jamie Mazur (Alessandra Ambrosio’s finance), RE/DONE jeans are a celebration of the Levi’s jean’s past and a continuation of the jean’s individual story as it states on their website. The company takes vintage denim apart at the seams, re-purposing them as the fabric of their new jeans. Their vintage jeans are manufacture  in Downtown Los Angeles using water conserving methods and no harsh chemicals. (so cool!)

Their quantities are limited since each pair is handpicked, hand cut, and one of a kind. The concept is that they simplify the tedious process of searching for the perfect looking vintage jeans for you and already have it tailored in a modernized fit, which explains the higher price point.

You might have to order a couple of pairs, which can be scary due to price, to find the perfect wash and fit for you, but they have recently added the feature of paying no shipping (either way) if you order 3 pairs and up.

I ordered two pairs a while back and kept one of them. The fit of the one I kept was perfect. I ordered a size 23 even though I am usually a size 24 in regular jeans. So for me they were running a bit on the larger size. This was for the shorts. I am not sure how the high rise jeans fit. An update on that soon 😉 I heard from their customer service that the relaxed fit runs a bit larger so depending what look you are aiming for you can size down.