I was so excited to get my hands on one of these Kiinis, which have been selling out everywhere so quickly. It is certainly one of THE summer bikini to have. I am in love with the pale pink tone and the colorful elastics framing it. I choose this pastel color as I didn’t want a bikini that was super colorful that I would get tired of quickly, but it wasn’t too boring either because of the fun accent colors. It was the perfect merge of classic and bohemian cool!

I had low expectations on the fit to be honest. I thought it was one of these new-ish companies bringing out something that was really cool at the moment, blowing up all over Instagram, but didn’t  end up looking as good on anyone without an IG filter perfectly posing on their  vacation in Greece.

It ended up looking great on! It’s really cute and runs a whole size smaller, so if you are an XS go with the small instead. It doesn’t have that much coverage in the back, but is not one of those skimpy bikinis that make you butt look huge. It’s actually flattering even with the lesser amount of material. It’s perfect for tanning. The top doesn’t have any inlays, in case  you are looking for a bikini that does. It gives great shape though as the material is not too thin.

At $300 it’s very high of a price point for a bikini and I am assuming part of the reason is it’s handmade! It has great quality and a nice fit.  I would rather have one really nice fitting bikini for summer where I spend a bit more on than three OK ones. I have not found something similar at a lesser price point to recommend, but I am sure something will come around for sure due to its popularity 😉

The Kiini line is available at www.net-a-porter.com if you are interested.

I hope this was helpful.

Xx Sarah