I am recently loving all the ballet inspired workouts that I am coming across. I used to take a lot of ballet when I was younger and eventually quit in my teens. Now I really regret that I didn’t continue, not because I wanted to be a professional ballerina, but just for the sake of the grace and the beautiful posture and body control it gives you. I love any form of dance and classic ballet is definitely one of my favorites.

Mary Helen Bowers, a former ballerina, who trained Natalie Portman for the Black Swan is the founder of Ballet Beautiful, a method with targeted exercises and stretches that will give you sleek ‘ballet’ muscles and techniques to build and maintain the beauty, strength and grace of a ballerina. As I don’t live in the NYC area I do her DVD workouts from home. I love her travel and cardio one. If you like the idea of a ballet body you will probably love her DVD’s as well. A lot of models are fans of her workouts and I can totally see why. Lily Aldridge credits her slim physique after baby to Mary Helen Bowers. After consistently doing one of her workouts every week I can definitely notice a difference.

Mary Helen also just launched her beautiful line of leotards, shorts and ballet slippers on www.Net-a-porter.com. Why not get in the ballet spirit even if you just workout from home 😉 Her knitted black leotard is beautiful on (it makes a cute butt) and puts me in the mood for a great ballet workout. Fashion model Alyssa Miller also designed a beautiful line of workout gear in collaboration with Live the Process. I love the beautiful flower pattern they chose for the leotard, crop pants and sports bra, so that’s another option to look cute in your workout gear for a ballet class in a studio or at home.

Happy Dancing!