There was so much interest in the  “Ballet Workout” article I wrote that I was happy that I tried another ballet inspired workout called Barre3, while I was visiting Georgetown in Washington D.C. The workout is a hybrid of ballet, yoga, classic dance training, and free weights. It helps to lengthen, strengthen, and tone by targeting four major muscle groups all at once—the thighs, arms, abdominals, and glutes.

I was exploring Georgetown in the evening after I checked into my room. Close by the Ritz Carlton Georgetown, I found this beautiful studio that had ballet bars, which got me immediately interested & excited. It was a barre studio. Three girls where still inside and I was in luck that Jessica, one of the instructors (I could immediately tell she had a ballet background by her “ballet-body”), decided to invite me in this late at night and give me a quick tour. The studio was amazing and in true Georgetown brownstone-style fashion. I was so excited to try out a barre method class that I showed up immediately the next morning for their first class of the day at 6:30 a.m.!!!

The ballet, yoga & Pilates inspired class with an awesome playlist was in one word simply A M A Z I N G and everything I hoped for in a barre class! I felt that I pushed my body and worked up a great sweat, which left me feeling energized, relaxed & happy for the entire day. Some workouts just leave you glowing and happy. This was one of them. The hour flew by as the workout never got boring and the playlist of Coldplay and various other cool remixes kept you moving along with excitement and energy. It was such a great work out, that I took a second class the next morning. It’s fun to be in a different city and get to know the people  by signing up for an exercise class. You should do it next time you visit a new city!  All the instructors were really nice and welcoming and so were the 20 girls taking the class. Many of them in Lululemon and Nike sportswear looking pretty fab and put together in the morning. Each class was filled to it’s max (at 6:30!!!!) and most girls were in shape. That’s always a good sign.

I loved all the different exercises that the barre workout had to offer, especially the ones targeting the inner thighs and your tushy! I could see how this could totally change your body if you keep up the 1- hour long cardio and sculpting sessions a couple of times a week if you have a healthy, sensible diet (with protein, veggies, whole grains and not too much cheating).

I must have burned quiet a bit as I was totally indulging in Sprinkles cupcakes every day while I was there (I guess moderation was not on the top of my list in those 3 days). Sprinkles Cupcakes, the store of evil was right around the corner. Happy to say though my jeans fit still the same way, maybe even a bit better after all the walking and those two classes 😉

Of course I couldn’t leave the studio without taking one of their cute tank tops and a Barre3 Mason jar for my green juices and smoothies. I also bought their Barre3 ball as I liked using it in the workouts and figured I could do some of them at home as well. It’s  great for toning your inner thighs and I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked when putting it underneath your sacrum to do leg raises. It’s a nice soft cushion for your lower back and makes your ab workout just as effective but less painful. I also loved how Barre3 incorporates it in leg raises and other exercises to tone your legs. It’s something different, fun and I felt it gave my regular leg and inner thigh work a boost.

Jessica the instructor in Georgetown, was such a nice person to meet and I was lucky she took her time to give me a tour of the beautiful studio that night and tell me a bit about Barre3.

Here her interview:

Why did you choose to teach Barre3 rather than one of the other popular methods of exercise such as pilates or yoga?

I remember thinking during my very first class at barre3 Georgetown – this [barre3] is it, this has it all, I need to be a part of this. Barre3 is the ultimate blend of all of my favorite forms of exercise: yoga, Pilates and ballet wrapped up into one class. The workout was upbeat and challenging and I left class feeling a new kind of zen, something I had never achieved from any other form on its own. I found barre3’s approach to whole body health and their formula for success one that I could really relate to.

What type of results do you see with your students that stick with it and eat right?

Barre3 ultimately builds long lean muscles and a strong core. Results vary from person to person; but we’ve had clients actually measure taller after adding barre3 into their workout routine and drop inches from their waistline, arms, and hips!

How long is a Barre3 class and about how many calories are burned?

Barre3 classes last 60 minutes. The number of calories burned per class is highly dependent on the individual, namely their body type and the level of energy they choose to exert during class. We provide a highly individualized workout that allows the client to choose the level of intensity or ease with which they want to approach each class.

What are a few principles of the Barre3 workout?

Barre3 strives to deliver a balanced, total-body workout that you can do anytime, anywhere. All movements are low-impact and designed to burn fat, build muscle and break through plateaus.

What are your 3 favorite exercises for sculpting your arms?

Tricep rotations, rhomboid squeezes and lat pulls are my 3 go-to upper body sculpting exercises. I like to focus on exercises that target areas in the upper body that don’t get a lot of attention during my normal work day.
What are your 3 favorite core exercises using the core ball?
Plank doesn’t require the core ball, but it is my favorite core exercise – it is truly the ultimate core blaster! Full body rolls with the ball firmed between the ankles and marching while balancing the ball under the sacrum are always a challenge for my core.

What are your 3 favorite exercises for a perky derriere and tight inner thighs?

Simply squeezing the ball between the inner thighs while sitting or standing is an effective way to tone the inner thighs and can be done almost anywhere; I keep a barre3 core ball in my car and one at my desk! I love a series of bridge lifts to strengthen the hamstrings and lift the tushy!

What type of clothing do I wear to a class? (I saw a lot of girls wearing Lululemon tights, foot socks, Nike’s slippers etc..)

Anything that allows you to move freely and feel comfortable is great for barre3 class! Something you’d wear to yoga will work for a B3 class too. With the Lululemon, Athleta and Nike stores just up the street in Georgetown, we do tend to see a lot of it in the studio. Fabletics has become a new favorite of mine due to my slight obsession with online shopping. Footwear is a personal preference, and optional in the studio. Some clients swear by ToeSox and Nike studio wraps to help them grip the cork floor, while others prefer to go barefoot.

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