Do you want to know “the rules” of beauty and fitness?

New York-born model Suzanne Diaz on keeping a balance, cheat-meals and taking care of your skin.

Suzanne is with NEXT Models NY, Paris, Milan & London and has build a great profile working with Vogue Russia, Elle, W Magazine & Harper’s Bazaar.

As a model, it’s important to have perfect skin. Would you share your secrets on how you achieve and maintain a flawless face?

I love skincare! I love taking care of my skin. I always wash with either Shiseido Pureness or La Mer cleansing foam, followed by Dr. Haushka Clarifying Toner. I change my eye and day and night creams about every few months, but currently I am using SK-II eye cream, Dr. Haushka Light Rose Day Cream, Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum, and a Sicily Paris night cream. I am also obsessed with Arcona Cranberry Triad Pads, which are good to remove makeup with or to cleanse your face before and after a workout. For normal makeup remover, I use Crealine H20. Always wear sunscreen also – especially on your face – and try your best to always wash your face before bed! Those are the rules, haha.

How do you stay in shape and photo-ready all year around? Do you follow a specific diet and workout regime?

I try to work out 4–5 times a week, but I am always changing what I do depending on my work schedule and where I am in the world. I also like to change it up so I am never bored of what I am doing. I do ballet, boxing and training with a trainer, running, yoga, Modelfit sculpt classes with Justin Gelband, and Pilates.

As for diet, I really love food so I try to be generally healthy during the weekdays so that on the weekends I can have at least one day to kind of eat what I want without worrying about it. In the mornings during the week I have plain nonfat yogurt every day with honey and fruit and a little bit of granola, followed by a green smoothie or salad for lunch, and then dinner is usually some sort of protein with vegetables.

I just try to keep a good balance; if I have been eating really bad for a few days then I will then be super healthy for a few days to get back on track. Same in reverse – if i have been super healthy for a long period, I know having some cake or something won’t be a big deal.

What is your favorite cheat-meal or indulgence?

I love hamburgers, and on Saturdays in the winter if I am at home and not working I like to have blueberry pancakes in bed!

What is your off-duty style like? Are there any day-to-day items you can’t live without?   

My style is pretty classic. I love clothing, but I pretty much only buy things that I know I love and can wear each season. I like to invest in stuff that is beautiful and timeless. I like to wear things that are expensive or expensive looking. I love Prada and Miu Miu.

What is your current must-have bag, and what items do you always carry in it?  

Right now I am attracted to small bags. My favorites are my small red Chanel wallet on chain bag and my Saint Laurent black Betty Bag, which seems to go with pretty much everything. I like that I can’t fit that much stuff in it because I used to carry around so much that I realized I didn’t need. The items in my bag are: mirror, quips, gum, credit cards, cash, 3 Band-Aids, lip balm, lipstick, mini floss.

What items are on your wish-list that are you dying to buy?

I just bought a pair of Celine flat espadrilles that are cream leather on the top. So I am kind of good for the moment, but I sort of want a blue Chanel bag in either navy or baby blue or royal blue. Small in size, of course.

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