I recently went on a trip to Europe. My little cutie was only three months old, and his sleeping routine, the one that he settled into after he was born, got somewhat messed up.

After all that holiday binging in Europe and the leftover pregnancy weight (worst combo ever), I couldn’t wait to get back into the gym when I came home. I just had to come up with an idea of how to make it to the gym with my little one not napping for more than 20 min and wanting to be held by me ALL THE TIME as his teething process started. This was a definite challenge, but there is nothing you can’t handle after giving birth!

Anyhow, call me mad. But I thought why not be creative and try to work out with a baby?

The first time I took Lenox, he really loved it. That morning he fell asleep, and I put him in his stroller and went to the gym. I ran on the treadmill for 20 min while he took his quick snooze. As soon as he woke up, we went to the mirrored area of the gym. He loves to look at himself, so I started doing different kinds of lunges while holding him.

Trust me, it’s easy to work up a sweat like this!

When I got to the leg lifts, I just put him back into the stroller and made funny faces at him to keep him entertained. I mainly try to work out my derrière and legs as  they suffer the most after a pregnancy. The abs need some help too, so for that, we went on the bouncy ball.

He really likes our morning gym routine. Now it’s much easier too as he is done with his first teething wave and happily hangs out in the stroller while I do my thing. I also take a little walker with me and set it wherever I am in case he gets bored in the stroller. He likes watching me do my exercises. He is such a happy baby when we do our routine together, and the people in the gym don’t mind it at all when I show up packed with baby gear. They think it’s great!

I hope this video can be a bit of inspiration for you to get in a quick workout to feel good and energized for the day while enjoying time with your little one.



Shirt: T by Alexander Wang
Pants: VSX Victoria’s Secret